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Workout Genius was awarded as the best workout app at Garmin Connect IQ Developer Summit

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Gym Genius

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Gym Genius provides a way to structure your Gym, Yoga or Crossfit workouts. You can define your exercise sequences and let your watch guide you. For each exercise, it is possible to define a specific rest interval, and the app allows to combine strength, cardio and stretching in a single workout session. With the smart interface, it is easy to change the order of the exercises any time during the training.

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Gym Timer Pro

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Gym Timer Pro is about gym and timing. It provides fast access to different timers in your gym session, and you can customize the watch interface and set various data fields for multiple sports and activities. It is the perfect tool to time your exercises or to do high-intensity intervals.

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Workout Genius

Workout Genius provides lots of data fields, and some are exclusive, they are not available in most of the devices. You can set up a great variety of screen layouts, a virtual partner with variable speed, can configure the lap size, sounds, vibrations, alerts, and more. And last but not least, the multisport mode supports triathlon, duathlon, swim-run, and aquathlon. It is a super all around app.

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Workout Builder

With Workout Builder you can set up structured workouts, step by step, and let your watch guide you through them. The system stands on three main concepts, repetition, duration, and goal. With these three ingredients, you can build a great variety of workout sequences, including intervals, repetitions, and progressions. Various sports are available, and the data fields, colors, and alert types are configurable.

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