Training Calendar

Plan your training, add the activities to the calendar and have the right workouts downloaded to your device.

After the setup of your training schedule, the app will download the right exercises on your device during the online sync process.

The Calendar View

Enabling the calendar mode

The training selection mode (user selection or calendar) define which activities will be downloaded by your watch during the online sync process.

In user selection mode the app will download the activities you selected using the remove and add buttons. The calendar events will be completely ignored.

In calendar selection mode, the next three distinct workouts in your training schedule will be downloaded during the online sync process. Execute the online sync process in your watch to update the workout list. (Gym Genius app does it automatically on startup).

Training editor screen

When user selection mode is active, the calendar events will be completely ignored. Only the workouts added to the list will be downloaded.
Due to memory restrictions, you can keep three workouts at once in your device. If you need more than three distinct exercises, use the calendar mode, it exists to circumvent this issue. Schedule your activities on the calendar and let the watch download the right ones each day.

User selection mode

Calendar mode

When calendar mode is selected, the "workouts to send to watch" list will display the items your device would download if the online sync process was immediately executed. Day by day the list will change to reflect the next calendar events. The app will keep three distinct workouts at once in your device.
The remove option will not be available when calendar mode is selected. The items for download will be defined only by the sequence of exercises set up in the calendar.

Adding a workout

To add a workout just drag it from the workout list and drop it on the calendar grid. Use the filter by sport option to reduce the number of items in the workout list.

Editing a calendar event

After dropping an item in the calendar grid, the system will automatically generate a single event in the calendar. To change the event recurrence, or to delete it, click on the item and the following screen will be shown.
The weekly or biweekly recurrence will require an end date.
When deleting a recurrent event, the ENTIRE recurrence will be removed.

Download the workouts into your watch

Execute your workouts using Workout Builder, Workout Genius or Gym Genius. Start the app in your watch and select the "online sync" menu option to download your training.

Workout Builder Green
Workout Builder Blue
Workout Builder Red
Workout Builder Purple

Get to know all Genius Wrist has to offer!

Watch Face Store

You have busy lives, and we want to make it simpler every time you look at your watch.
The Watch Face Store is where you will find beutiful and useful watch faces for yout Fitbit watch.

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Time Tracker IQ

Time Tracker IQ is a stress-free, intuitive, and easy to use time tracking tool running on your smartwatch!
It is the ideal tool if you are a freelancer and need to report time and generate invoices for customers or if you just want to discover the most time costing activities and increase your productivity optimizing your time usage.

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Gym Genius

Gym Genius is designed to help you perform structured Gym, Yoga or Crossfit workouts.
The app supports weight lifting sets, cardio exercises and the duration of the actions can be defined in terms of number of repetitions, elapsed time, traveled distance, calories spent or the number of steps taken. It is possible to define rest times and they can be different for each action.
All types of exercises can be combined in a single training session and after the set up of a workout routine, it is just a matter of letting the watch guide you through the entire sequence.

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Gym Timer Pro

The app provides fast access to different timers during your gym workouts.
It is suitable for non-structured sessions, timing rest intervals or for simple high-intensity training intervals.
The timers can be configured on the website or directly on the watch. The data fields on the screen can be customized and multiple sports can be selected for recording.

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Workout Builder

Workout Builder is designed to help you perform structured running and cycling workouts.
The app guides you through the exercise, and the duration of each action can be defined in terms of distance traveled, elapsed time, calories spent or the number of steps taken.
If an action has a goal like a pace, speed, cadence or heart rate range, the watch will alert you during the workout to stay within the specified zone.
With these ingredients, it is possible to build a great variety of workouts, including intervals, repetitions, progressions, and tempo runs.

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Workout Genius

Workout Genius is a general all-around sports-app.
It offers a great variety of screen layouts and more than 50 different data fields to choose from.
Heart rate, pace, speed, and cadence alerts are available and it is a perfect tool for the race day, or for day by day unstructured training.
The app also provides special features for marathoners like a virtual partner with variable speed for different sections of the course, and last but not least, the multisport mode supports triathlon, duathlon, swim-run, and aquathlon.

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