Link your app

Site registration required!

To link your app you need to register on the website.
If you are already a registered user click the login button to proceed

If you don't have a logon please register as a new user.

Insert the code

Attention! To get the code your watch must be connected to your mobile, and your mobile must have internet access!

Registration successful

Software: {{SoftwareService.getSoftwareDisplayName(Software.AppName)}}

Version: {{Software.AppVersion}}

Device Name: {{DeviceService.getDeviceDisplayName(Software.DeviceModel)}}

Device Firmware: {{Software.FirmwareVersion}}
Go to software configuration

Download the app from Fitbit store

Get the code on your Fitbit device

Run the app on your your device and press the START/PLAY button to open the "link your app" screen.
Genius Wrist Apps - Get Link Code
TAP THE SCREEN to request a new link code
Genius Wrist Apps - Requesting Link Code
Input the code you received in the field above to link your app.
Genius Wrist Apps - Link Code Acquired
After inserting the code on the website TAP THE SCREEN to validade your device
Genius Wrist Apps - Link Success
If necessary, you can retry the procedure using the BACK button and pressing the START/PLAY button again to return to the get link code screen.

Get the code on your Garmin device

Run the application in your watch, open the menu and select the option
Get Link Code.
If you are having difficulties to find the "Get Link Code" option click here:
how to open your watch menu
Genius Wrist Apps - Open Menu
The following screen will appear.
Genius Wrist Apps - Get Link Code
Press the START or ENTER button to acquire the code.
Genius Wrist Apps - Connecting
Use the code you received to link your app.
Genius Wrist Apps - Link Code Acquired