Genius Wrist Contact Form


Dear users, over the last months the number of Genius Wrist's users increased a lot and also the amount of mail we receive.

We read all your questions, suggestions and feedback. All information you send is used to improve the apps and website experience. Be sure all critics are taken into account.

But before sending your question pay attention to the following:

This site has a FAQ page.

Gym Timer Pro app has an ABOUT page.

Workout Genius app has an ABOUT page.

Workout Builder app has an ABOUT page.

Gym Genius app has an ABOUT page.

Your watch has a manual.

Always take a look at these sources, so you will not ask a question that is already answered.

Also know that we will not answer the following questions:

  • Hardware recommendations.
  • Technical support for your hardware.
  • What should be the best app configuration for a certain sport. Explore the apps they are flexible and every person has a different need.
  • Help to setup your workout actions. Take your time to play around with the tools, it is fun.