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Genius Wrist partnered with SportTracks

SportTracks is a powerful yet easy-to use fitness platform that will help you accomplish your goals through in-depth analysis of recorded workouts, providing tools for planning an entire season and also allowing coaches to analyze, monitor and adjust your training plan.

We are pleased to announce the Workout Builder integration with SportTracks, which allows the transfer of scheduled workouts directly to Garmin devices. You have busy lives, and this feature means you will have one less thing to worry about! It’s integrated with the recently announced structured workout plans in SportTracks. With the press of a button your training for the day is downloaded to your watch.

Workout Builder provides an optimized user interface which displays at a glance, everything you need to know during the training session, and it’s available to all Garmin watches, including vivoactive models. This means it isn’t necessary to have a high-end watch to do structured workouts and to enjoy SportTracks.

To enable this feature, access the Workout Builder configuration page or training calendar and authorize Genius Wrist's website to import your data from SportTracks.