Trainer Genius

Trainer Genius provides a way to create and execute structured workouts on any smart trainer that supports ANT+ FE-C (fitness equipment protocol). This app runs on all Garmin Devices (Edge Explore and vívoactive HR included). You can create workouts based on time and distance, and the actions can target a specific power, trainer resistance, simulated slope or percentage of your FTP.

All app configuration is based on this web site, so to try it, a web site account is required (the web site registration is free).

Trainer Genius is currently in Beta Test.

You are welcome to try our app during the beta test period. If you want to report issues or suggest improvements use the contact form to reach us.

We are testing this app on more than 20 devices, and we plan to support ALL Garmin hardware (including vívoactive, Forerunner 235 and Fenix). The first releases will work based on the same foundation, and we will not explore particular device capabilities. If you have a large screen device (Edge), keep calm, soon it will be possible to add more than 3 data fields on screen. More training modes will be available soon, like percentage of FTP and simulated slope.

We do not guarantee your workouts and data regarding Trainer Genius will be preserved when the beta program ends.

Be warned this is not a FREE app and as soon the beta test period ends, a license will be required.

Beta test FAQ

  • How long will the beta test last? Probably it will last around 8 to 12 weeks, but we can end it anytime.
  • Devices without native support to power sensors will be able to get power information from the trainer? Yes, vívoactive, vívoactive HR, Forerunner 235 and Edge Explore will be able to record power data (if the trainer provides it).
  • What trainers will be supported ALL trainers compatible with ANT+ FE-C (fitness equipment control) protocol.
  • How do I pair the trainer? The process is automatic. When you start the app it will pair to the first trainer it finds.
  • The app is not pairing with the trainer! If your device has NATIVE support for trainers (Edge 820 and Edge 1000) you must remove the pairing in your device settings before starting the app. The Trainer Genius app cannot open a direct connection to your trainer if the device itself already established it.
  • Some goals will not work on some trainer models. The goals depend on your trainer hardware capabilities. Some trainers are not capable of simulating slopes and some may not be capable of targeting a specific power output.
  • How is slope resistance calculated? The resistance is calculated by the trainer itself given an inclination and athlete weight. Currently the athlete weight is fixed in 75 kg (165 pounds). It will be possible to change it in future versions.
  • Will % FTP be available? Yes, in the final release it will be possible to create workouts based on %FTP
  • Simulated Slope and Trainer resistance workout modes: This workout modes will be available soon.
  • Distance is not being calculated! To use distance based workouts, it is required to pair a bike speed sensor to your device.
  • Will the training calendar be available? Yes! It will.
  • Power is not being displayed correctly in Garmin Connect. If your device supports pairing to power meters, pair the trainer to your device as a regular power sensor.
  • Why there are 2 power readings? One is the reading your watch made while paired to the trainer as a power sensor, and the other is the power reading the app got directly from the trainer.
  • Why there are only 3 data fields? Large screen devices (Edge) will be capable of displaying more data fields in the final version.

If you have any suggestion, use the website contact form to reach us. Always inform your trainer manufacturer and model.

Contact Form


Programmable Workouts: Create structured workouts that can be executed in your smart trainer. The app supports, workouts based on time and distance. The workout actions can be set to target a specific power, trainer resistance, simulated slope or percentage of your FTP.

Configurable data fields: There are lots of data fields available for you to select and setup your training display.

Sport: Select the sport of the activity session.

Vibration, Sound and On Screen Alerts (if available on your device): It is possible to configure the type of notification for sound, vibration and on screen alerts.

Back light (on/off): the back light will be activated based on on alerts.

Colors: Background color (black or white) and foreground color of the display (gray, red, orange, green, blue or purple).

Workout Actions

The workout setup system allows the creation of series of actions.

During the workout every action will be recorded as a separated lap, and the workout will be automatically saved at the end of the last action.

It is possible to keep 3 workouts at once in your device. The site will allow you to configure many different workouts and you can easily swap the ones in your device or you can put them in the training calendar so the right workout will be downloaded every day.

  • repeatRepetition: A repetition can contain one or more actions inside of it. It defines a group of actions to be repeated a given number of times. A workout can contain various repetition blocks and a repetition block can contain many actions.
  • Action: All actions have 2 basic attributes duration and goal.
    • Duration: It is the size of the action, it defines how long the action will last, and the following kinds of duration are supported:
      • alarm Time: The duration of the action in minutes and seconds. workout actions - time
      • Distance: A number that indicates the distance (in miles or km) to be covered. This option requires a bike speed sensor. workout actions - distance
      Goal:It defines how you will execute an action, and it is up to you to define an easy or hard to keep target. When out of range of the goal value, the app will emit an alert (on screen, sound and vibe). The goals bellow are dependent on your trainer. Some devices may not support all options and the range of applicable values are.
      • Power: Define a target power in watts and the trainer will adjust its resistance dinamically to keep your power output constant. workout goal - power
      • Slope: Set an incline in degrees and the trainer will ajust its resistance to simulate the climb. workout goal - slope
      • Resistance: Select a value from 0 to 100 representing the percentage of maximum resistance the trainer can apply. workout goal - resistance

Workout Examples

Repeating an interval

Warmup, followed by an interval repeated 5 times and a cooldown section.

All Actions

Ramp up

Continuously increasing power.

All Actions

Menu options

Select Workout: Select one of your workout presets.

Reset Trainer: Selecting this option will delete the current trainer pairing setup. The next time you start the app it will automatically pair to the first trainer available.

Get Link Code: Use this link to obtain the code to link your app to your GeniusWrist web site account.

Online Sync: Download your setup from GeniusWrist web site.

Instructions to link your app

How to open your watch menu

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