Workout Builder

Workout Builder is designed to help you perform structured running and cycling workouts.
The app guides you through the exercise, and the duration of each action can be defined in terms of distance traveled, elapsed time, calories spent or the number of steps taken.
If an action has a goal like a pace, speed, cadence or heart rate range, the watch will alert you during the workout to stay within the specified zone.
With these ingredients, it is possible to build a great variety of workouts, including intervals, repetitions, progressions, and tempo runs.

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Programmable Workouts: You can build workouts with sequences of actions with various durations and each action can have an specific goal.

Training Calendar: Plan your training ahead, add the activities on the calendar and have the correct workouts downloaded to your device.

Activity Feed: You can track your completed workout details in the activity feed.

Layout and data fields: You can select many layouts for your screen and can configure it with a large number of data fields.

Sport: Select the sport of the activity session.

Vibration and Sound: It is possible to configure the type of notification for sound and vibration alerts. This feature depends on the capabilities of your watch model.

GPS: The GPS can be disabled for indoor activities. If your device does not have an onboard GPS, a detailed GPS map of your workout will require you to have your phone with you.

Back light (on/off): The back light will be activated based on your wrist movement and on alerts like laps or heart rate alerts.

Accent Colors: The background color (black or white) and foreground color of the display (gray, red, orange, green, blue or purple) can be defined for each workout set up.

First Run

The first step to configure your app is link it to the Genius Wrist's website.

Garmin devices:
Run the app, open the in-app menu and select the get link code option.

Fitbit devices:
Run the app, touch the play button and follow the on screen insttructions to generate the code.

Go to the link page and input the code that is on your watch screen.

Click here to input your code

Menu options

Garmin devices:
Depending on your watch model there is a different method to open the in-app menu.
If you are having dificulties to open the in-app menu, take a look at the following faq topic:
How to open your watch menu

Select Workout: Select one of your workout presets.
Get Link Code: Use this link to obtain the code to link your app to your GeniusWrist web site account.
Online Sync: Download your setup from Genius Wrist's website.

Fitbit devices:
Run the app, and touch the cog button to open the menu. Swipe up and down to scroll the list.

Workouts: Click the workout name to select it.
Online Sync: Download your setup from Genius Wrist's website.

The Get Link Code option does not exist in Fitbit devices. The app will automatically display the link code when it is required.

Basic Operating Instructions

Setting your sport and display configuration

Workout Genius Editor
You can define the label, sport, GPS, backlight mode, alert preferences (vibration, sound and on screen), display color and additional data fields for your workout. Some options are not available to all devices.

Downloading your setup into the watch

Every time you start the app or finish a workout the app will try to sync with Genius Wrist's website. You can also force a synchronization using the ONLINE SYNC option inside the app menu. The sync process requires a Bluetooth connection between your watch and your mobile phone.

Workout Actions

The workout setup system is based on 3 main concepts, REPETITION, DURATION and GOAL, and with these 3 ingredients you can build a great variety of workout sequences, including intervals, repetitions and progressions.

There is a limit of 20 actions per exercise and it is possible to keep 3 workouts at once in your device. The site will allow you to configure 25 different workouts and you can easily swap the ones in your device.

  • repeatRepetition: A repetition can contain one or more actions inside of it. It defines a group of actions to be repeated a given number of times. A workout can contain various repetition blocks and a repetition block can contain many actions
  • Action: The action has 2 attributes, duration and goal.
    • Duration: It is the size of the action, it defines how long the action will last, and the following kinds of duration are supported:
      • Distance: A number that indicates the distance (in miles or km) to be covered.
      • alarm Time: The duration of the action in minutes and seconds.
      • Calories: Amount of calories to be expended.
      • directions_walk Steps: Number of steps to be taken.
      • touch_app Lap Key: The action will finish when the lap key is pressed.
    • Goal: It defines how you should execute an action, and it is up to you to define an easy or hard to keep target. When out of range of the goal values, the app will emit an alert (on screen, sound and vibe).
      • Pace: Set the minimum and maximum pace (in min/mile or min/km).
      • Speed: Set the minimum and maximum speed (in mile/hour or km/hour).
      • timeline Cadence: The cadence range in rpm or steps per minute.
      • Heart Rate Zone: The heart rate zone (1 to 5).
      • Heart Rate Custom Range:A custom minimum and maximum heart rate range expressed in beats per minute.
      • Power:Set the minimum and maximum power output.
      • block No Target: No specific goal. If this option is selected no alerts will be triggered during the action.

The action editor has 3 parts: Workout Action

  • Action selector:
    Clicking on the icon inverts the display background for the selected action.
    Clicking the action number opens the menu options.
    Workout Builder action editor Workout Builder action editor
    Workout Builder action menu
  • Duration selector:
    Select the duration type of the current action (distance, time, calories, steps or lap key press).
    Clicking on the or icons changes the direction of the duration display (progressive or regressive).
    Workout Builder action editor Workout Builder action editor
  • Goal selector:
    Select the goal for the current action (pace, speed, cadence, heart rate zone or heart rate custom value).

    Workout Builder action goals


All actions and goals combined in one workout

This example demonstrates the flexibility of the system. All duration types can be combined with all types of goals and groups of actions can be nested inside repetition blocks.

All Actions


This example shows a 10 minutes warm up action at HR Zone 3, followed by 7 repetitions of an interval then a 5 minutes cool down at HR Zone 3.

Simple Interval


This example shows a progression that starts with a 10 minutes warm up action. The actions 2 to 8 are a progression with 4 increasing duration blocks (2, 3, 4 and 5 minutes) at a fast pace with a 2 minutes rest action in between each one. The action 9 is a 10 minutes cool down.



The screen is divided in two. The upper half will be automatically generated by the app depending on the duration and goal of the current action. A data field will display the duration and one will display the goal. If there is no goal defined for the current action, only the duration data field will be shown.

Examples of actions and generated data fields:

  • Run for 1 mile at heart rate zone 4: Lap distance and heart rate zone data fields.
  • Cycle for 1 minute at 100 rpm: Lap timer and cadence data fields.
  • Walk for 500 steps: Lap steps data fields.
  • Expend 200 Calories and keep at pace range 5:00 to 6:00: Lap calories and current pace data fields.

Indicator bar

If the current action has a goal, a colored bar dividing the screen will provide visual feedback. In the example below the configured goal is to stay in heart rate zone 3. The red bar will display when out of range (below or above), the orange bar will display when near the lower or upper limit and the green bar when in range.

Additional data fields

In addition to the automatically generated data fields at the top of the screen, the app allows to configure up to 3 additional data fields at the bottom of the screen. There are more than 40 data fields available for you to select.


Pick up your favorite color or use then to easily identify your training presets. The background color (black or white) and foreground color of the display (gray, red, orange, green, blue or purple) can be configured.

Workout Builder Red
Workout Builder Blue

Training Calendar

Plan your training ahead, add the activities on the calendar and have the correct workouts downloaded to your device. After the set up of your training schedule, the app will download the right exercises on your device during the online sync process.
All Genius Wrist's apps are integrated into the calendar.

Training Calendar

Activity Feed

You can track your completed workout details in the activity feed.

Time, duration, calories, heart rate, distance and the list of exercises you performed will be listed.

Genius Wrist's system will give your workout a score. The points are based on the perceived effort during the activity. That means the same workout can have different values every time you execute it. The score will be very low if you do not measure your heart rate during the workout sessions.

Activity Feed


The activity feed displays the individual result of each workout and stats page will give you a broader view of your gym activities.

The system will track the calories, duration, distance, number of sets, number of activities and the score of your workouts, allowing you to follow your monthly progression.

Gym Genius Statitics Gym Genius Monthly Statitics


The achievements system will level you up based on the number of points you score in each of your workouts. The scoring system gives points based on perceived effort, not fitness level, that means, the easier the exercise is perceived by you, the fewer points you will score. That way you are stimulated to keep your workouts on a challenging level.

Gym Genius Level Up Badge Level Up Badge

Some achievements will be awarded recurrently. For example the each month you will receive a new Calories badge.

Gym Genius Calories Badge Calories Badge

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Gym Genius

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Pricing (USD)
Yearly Subscription 9.99
Half-yearly Subscription 6.99
Bymonthly Subscription 2.99

Gym Timer Pro

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Pricing (USD)
Yearly Subscription 9.99
Half-yearly Subscription 6.99
Bymonthly Subscription 2.99

Workout Builder

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Pricing (USD)
Yearly Subscription 9.99
Half-yearly Subscription 6.99
Bymonthly Subscription 2.99

Workout Genius

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Pricing (USD)
Yearly Subscription 9.99
Half-yearly Subscription 6.99
Bymonthly Subscription 2.99

Licensing modes:

Single app: As the name states you will have access to only one of our apps. Just go to the desired app configuration page and click the "Get a license" button.

The Gym Apps Combo: Gym Genius and Gym Timer Pro are two parts of a single solution. If you buy the license for one of the gym apps, you will receive premium access to the other.

Bundle: In bundle mode you will have access to the premium version of all sports-related apps. The licensing rule is simple, as long as you pay for two sports-apps, the system will grant you premium access to the others.
The system will automatically upgrade your license to bundle mode, when you buy the license for a second app. If you already have two licensed apps just install the remaining ones one and they will be automatically upgraded. The bundle package includes Gym Genius, Gym Timer Pro, Workout Genius and Workout Builder.
Be aware that despite being treated a single bundle, the license acquisition for each app is independent. That means, if you have two licenses with different expiration dates (and received additional licenses as a bonus in the bundle mode), when the first license expires the bundle mode will be disabled and the bonus licenses will also be canceled. To keep the bundle active, it is required to maintain two valid licenses.

30 days money back guarantee:

During the fist 30 days of the licensing period, you will be able to request a total refund of your payment if the app does not satisfy your needs. The refunding process is instantaneous, automatic and you can request it clicking on a button. No questions asked. The 30 days trial period is applied for each app separately and you are eligible to it only if it is the first time you are acquiring a license for the app.

Payment process:

No payment information is collected by Genius Wrist's website. You will be sent to PAYPAL's website to execute your payment operation and when you finish your transaction at PAYPAL, you will be sent back to Genius Wrist. The entire licensing process is automated and you will have access to the premium features in seconds.

To proceed with the payment process you must:

All software upgrades taking place in the licensing period are included.

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